Celebrating 25 years of the OGLE project  
Celebrating 25 years of the OGLE project
photo by Krzysztof Ulaczyk

We would like to thank all Participants for their valuable contribution to our conference — for all the great talks, discussions, questions and stories. And for all kind words. We were proud to learn of the many various ways our data was utilized and of the impact that our long-term efforts had on Your science. It was a true pleasure to host You all in Warsaw. Thank you.

Presentations from the conference are already available in the Programme tab.

We invite you to browse through the photos from each day of the conference:

Sunday photos from the Welcome Reception (July 23rd)
Monday first day of the Conference
Tuesday second day
Wednesday third day
Thursday fourth day
Thursday evening Conference dinner
Friday fifth day
Saturday Conference trip (July 29th)

and also the Conference photo.

Scientific rationale:

During the last quarter-century the knowledge of the universe and its objects has improved dramatically. Ongoing observations of the OGLE photometric sky survey have contributed to many fields of modern astrophysics – mainly to the development of exoplanetary astronomy, stellar astrophysics, Galactic and Local Group astronomy, but also cosmology. The conference is a good opportunity to talk about fascinating discoveries of the recent years and to present current knowledge in various areas of astrophysics and space science.

Conference entitled "Celebrating 25 years of the OGLE project" will be held in Warsaw – the homebase of the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment – and will cover topics related to:

Invited speakers:

Special guest:



The conference will be held in the historic building of the former Warsaw University Library (now called Audytorium Minus – photo). Address:
  ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
  00-927 Warsaw, Poland
  (52.24039 N, 21.01927 E, map)

Scientific conference: Celebrating 25 years of the OGLE project
24–28 July 2017 (Monday–Friday)
Old Library Auditorium of the Warsaw University, Poland
ogle25@astrouw.edu.pl, http://ogle25.astrouw.edu.pl/


Honorary patronage:

Committee on Astronomy
of the Polish Academy of Sciences